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Your Hair Stylists

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With 17 years experience Christopher has always been deeply involved in this industry, from educating to competing and especially every day hairstyling, Christopher keeps himself up to date on the latest to give you a look that suits your personality and lifestyle.

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Angela Norton is a dedicated career stylist of 27 years. She is a master colour technician as well as a masterful stylist with a constant motivation of staying current and improving on her skills at every chance.

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Having grown up in a salon atmosphere my entire life, my love for hairstyling has only grown stronger. After gaining 10 years experience in a salon and now being an owner of Norton Hairstyling it is my goal everyday to meet the needs of clients by offering my services with care and professionalism.

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Edward Norton career has spanned all aspects of the hair industry from educating to competing to everyday hairstyling. After over 50 years he continues to express his creativity through hairstyling.

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From and early age I was fascinated by the fashion industry and being highly motivated have gained 12 years experience as a qualified hairstylist. I feel that as an artist it is critical to constantly refresh my ideas and find inspiration everywhere I look. I love the diverse creative people I work with and continue to meet throught my work. I absolutley love every aspect of my job and hope to see you very soon for any of your hair needs!

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I create an atmosphere in which my clients are at ease to express themselves and their ideas. It’s my passion to make people look and feel their best. Beauty and fashion are dynamic so I invest signifigant time and energy keeping up with all of the latest trends to keep me and my clients up to date to create the best look for them. With seven years of experience, I have continually attended shows and classes to extend my knowledge and skills.

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Our History

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Edward Norton has been winning hair competitions since he was teenager in Glasgow, Scotland. Today, Norton Hairstyling combines three generations of talented Norton stylists and their unrivaled associates. With focus on continuous education to stay knowledgeable and up to date on the latest trends, they strive in providing you progressive hair design to suit your specific needs. They take pride in treating every patron as a friend and helping them look and feel their best.